Jewellery: 1350-1660

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Davies, Jonathon .


Re-enactment is becoming an ever more demanding activity. The desire to ‘get it right’, and to be as honest to the past and your part is at its heart. So here I am on a wet Saturday presenting, for once, not a soldier but a moderately successful merchant, trading in spices and silks. I have my guild badge on my merchant’s gown, which is lined with squirrel fur at neck and wrist. My fingers are stained with oak gall ink and calloused with practise at the butts and I still boast a small scar where a rapier blade found a gap through my guard and what else? Should I have a ring on my finger, which finger, what sort of ring?

This booklet examines not only the types of Jewellery available and methods of manufacture but also an in-depth look and the people and guilds involved as well.


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Softcover: 36 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black and white illustrations
ISBN-13: 9781858042367
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