English Medieval Agriculture: 1000-1485

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Morris, Robert .
This book looks at medieval farming activities and why the farmers had to work the way they did. It draws information largely from English medieval illustrations from 1000AD to 1485 with some additional written material after 1200 when the first manorial roles survive from the Bishopric of Winchester and the first English agricultural treatise in the 1270. The record is patchy, the black death in 1348 put an end to many of the sources, Fusel concludes that there are no vernacular farming textbooks in 10 and 15th centuries and the pictorial evidence also virtually disappears. In contrast there is excellent pictorial evidence in the first half of the 11th century and a profusion of such material in the 13th and early 14th Centuries.
This work does not consider the legal system within which farmers operated with the complex dues in kind and labour, degrees of servitude or the complexities of land ownership, as this area has been covered in many academic tomes, but concentrates on the practicalities of farming. The authors have decades of hands on experience of experimental 16th and 17th century farming which the sources indicate is very similar to earlier techniques. This allows insights sometimes absent from the ivory tower approach.
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