Soft Furnishings and Table Linen of the Common People 1580-1660

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Morris, Robert.


This work aims to identify the types of soft furnishings in use by common people during this period. Soft furnishings include cushions, “carpets”, matting, window cloths, board cloths, table and cupboard cloths, napkins, drinking cloths and hand towels, painted cloths, picture cloths, pictures, maps and other wall decorations along with other minor items.

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Paperback: 32 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White
ISBN-13: 9781858041780
Product Dimensions: 21.0 x 14.7 x 0.2 cm

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A brief introduction and listing of the different types of soft furnishings as indicated from contemporary illustrations, extant examples and estate lists of the common and lower nobility in England between 1580 and 1660. Where available materials, decorative elements and useage are indicated with reference sources.

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