15th C pies and tarts

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Peachy, Stuart.


This volume forms part of a series on Medieval Recipes and Menus from the late 14th and 15th centuries. Prior to this period very little in the way of useable medieval recipes survive.

These recipes are drawn from manuscripts entitled Dyverse Bake Metis [diverse baked meats] containing 41 recipes and dated around 1430-1440. Two very similar manuscripts exist in the British Library and the Bodleian Library. The recipes sequence has been rearranged to place roughly similar recipes together but the roman numeral numbering on the original has been retained.


For each recipe the original text is given first then a modem translation updating primarily spelling and terms. A list of ingredients is given omitting water, salt and pastry followed by a series of steps in the production of the dish. Note; The inclusion of a recipe in this book does not mean that it is either safe or legal to reproduce.


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Paperback: 36 pages
Language: English
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ISBN-13: 9781858041919
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Contents: Tartes de Chare and Flampoyntes; Daryioles; Tartes of Fyshe, lampreys and Rapeye; Chewitts and other meat pies; Malmeny; Fruit Tart; Quince or Warden Tart; Pizzas?: Sew Trappe and Vyaundes Furnes; Petty Pernols; Doucets; Various crustards; Flathouns and Rastons; Potrous.

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