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The book of breads: 1580-1660

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Peachy, Stuart.


This work attempts to bring together all the bread recipes from the period. The first section “conventional breads” fulfilled the equivalent functions to modem breads in use although the mixtures including barley and pea flour might seem unusual. The second section covers the exotic spiced breads including ginger breads tending towards cakes and biscuits. The boundary between breads and biscuit breads is rather arbitrary and this volume forms a companion to the “Book of Biscuits and Cakes”. Baking techniques are covered in “Kitchen Equipment and Techniques” while “Measures and Dates” provides an easy guide to period and imperial measures used in this book for those unfamiliar with them. The period cook used a generally binary measuring system far easier that the cumbersome continental metric measures with their awkward fractions and this elegant and practical historical system has been retained here for clarity.




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Conventional Breads
Cheat Bread
Servants Bread
Exotic Breads
Spiced and Sugar Breads
Levered Bread
Diet Bread
Spiced Breads
Italian Crust
Shell Bread
Buttered Loaves
Ginger Breads

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