Monmouths and Monteros: A Confusion of Caps

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Morris, Robert.


There are two main names of soft headwear mentioned being issued to English Infantry during the First English Civil War [1642-16461. In 1641 and 1642 at least 26,000 Monmouth caps were sent to the troops in Ireland [SP28] and in the summer of 1643 thousands of Monteroes were issued to the Royalist Oxford army [Wood 103].

The Monmouth has been traditionally linked by researchers to two varieties of knitted cap, one skull hugging with a button on the top, a thick brim and a small loop at the back, based on a cap in Monmouth museum. This survivor is only about a quarter of weight of those sent to the troops in Ireland, which were thought to be similar to the surviving broad brimmed buttonless and loopless knitted cap which once belonged to Tsar Peter the Great and survives in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The Montero was thought to be a cap made of woven cloth, peaked front and back and which might pull down like a Balaklava.

Unfortunately both sets of previous conclusions may be wrong.

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