A phallus pendant

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Carnival badge: A phallus pendant

Time period: Late14th – early 15th Century
Origin: England
Materials: Pewter
Product Dimensions: 1.8cm width x 5.8cm height;

Please note: This item is now available only at events. Please see our calendar for the next event near you.

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As with those noted above, parallels for this type of badge can be found in the Roman Fascina badges, which were very commonly used. The original was lacking its suspender badge and so we supply a form of suspender that was very commonly used for all manner of pendants.

The badges are available either with the discrete modern pin or without. The badge is then sewn directly to an item since the pewter pin of the english badges generally broke as evidenced by the many repaired badges and wear patterns. Alternatively use the loop which has been attached to the top of the hanger piece. Please indicate which you prefer.

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