Ballads and Music of the Early Seventeenth Century (Volume 1)

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Stell, David.


The words for ballads in the early 17th century were widely distributed in printed form. Izac Walton in the complete angler described: ‘an honest Alehouse, where we shall find a cleanly room, Lavender in the windowes, and twenty Ballads stuck about the wall’ [IWCA42]. The tunes for these ballads were given by referring the reader “To the tune of…”. Many different sets of lyrics were written to the far more limited number of tunes circulating. In producing this work David Stell has carefully tracked back through the changes of the names given to these tunes as each new popular set of lyrics renames it. In a surprising number of cases it has been found that the original tune has been recorded in a wide variety of scattered sources. This volume represents a part of the resulting research, in the fullness of time other portions will hopefully be published. In this work wherever space allows each tune has been reproduced alongside every song which uses it. At the very least it appears with the first of a series of variation of lyrics to that tune.”

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Softcover: 60 pages.
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