A History of Backgammon

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Miller, Richard.


A History of Tables Games and Backgammon from Classical times to 1800. A vast quantity of informaiton on board games survives from the medieval period, and many deal with with the games of tables, which were popular backgammon variants. Being the game with the oldest parentage in the world, the history of backgammon is not straightforward. Unlike other games, such as chess, it has not always been played on the same board and with the same opening position. At a glance, its antecedents appear unrecognisable as art of the backgammon heritage.

There a very few works that deal with backgammon history in its entirety – this work aims to examine the origins and history of backgammon, and the movement of the game from the Arab world into Europe. The information inside shoud enable re-enactors from many different periods to portray, play and display the game accurately, its boards, pieces and rules, from its origins to until the early modern period.

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Softcover: 40 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line
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Contents; Introduction, Clasical Roman Backgammon Variants; Alea and Tabula;  The social impact of dice games; The Persina game of Nardshir and the Arabic game of Nard; Tabula in Europe; The invention of the Tables game; Tables Games; Tables Games in Medieval Society; Medieval Tables sets; Early Modern Tables Games; Irish and the Invention of Backgammon; The Tables games in Early modern Society; The Early Modern Tables set; The doubling cube; Conclusion Bibliography .

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