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Cooking Techniques and Equipment 1580 – 1660 Volume 2

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Peachey, Stuart.


Part of the “Early Seventeenth Century Food Series”.

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Part of the “Early Seventeenth Century Food Series”, this is the second volume in this topic. “This book aims to outline the workings of the 17th century kitchen at a variety of social levels. It will attempt to study the equipment in use at the various levels, its nature and the techniques employed with it. It is not intended to study menus, recipes or ingredients which are dealt with by other works in the series. The information is based around a detailed study of period cookbooks and a sample of hundreds of period probate inventories. The illustrations are mostly taken from period woodcuts in the Tomason Tracts or Randal Holme’s Academy of Armory, with some from Wenceslaus Holler. Most surviving equipment is very hard to date accurately although a few pieces do contain a date, particularly firebacks. Most kitchens have been modified over the years even if they originate before this period. One of the finest reconstructions of a kitchen as it might have been at this period is to be found at Hampton Court and is well worth a visit.”

Softcover: 108 pages.
Language: English
Illustrations: B/W
ISBN-13: 1858040523
Product Dimensions: 21.0 x 15.0 x 0.5 cm

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