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Farmhouse Christmas Fare

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Peachey Stuart, Morris Robert, McSween Turloch.


Part of the “Early Seventeenth Century Food Series”. “In this brief work we attempt to give a flavour of Christmas food, drink and atmosphere for a typical small farmer of the late Elizibethan or early Stuart period. These men were the backbone of the population of England and Wales, merging at their poorest into the labourers and at their richest into the gentry. The table of each was furnished according to his means at the Christmas the purse strings were opening a little to allow a few purse strings were opened a little to allow a few delicacies and other specialties made during the year were brought: provide against Christmas doo come, to welcome good neighbour, good cheere to have some [TT65].

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Softcover: 16 pages.
Language: English
Illustrations: N/A
ISBN-13: 1858040280
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