Croix Bellaert

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Pilgrim badge: Croix Bellaert, Sinten

Time period: 15th Century
Origin: Belgium
Materials: Pewter
Product Dimensions: 4.0cm diameter.

Further details:

A solid field badge on which is depicted a crucifix with a border of crosses and rumbler bells, with the inscription ‘Sinten’. Three crudely applied sewing holes. At Sinten, near Dunkirk in France (Now Petit-Synthe), was the popular shrine of Croix Bellaert, or belled cross. It originated with the discovery, whilst digging a well, of a piece of the True Cross.

The waters of this well proved to have healing properties and near it a large crucifix hung with bells was erected. The shrine was destroyed during the French revolution. The original of this badge was found at the abandoned 15th century village of Walraversijde, near Ostend, Belgium.


Note the original of this badge was provided with sewing holes rather than a cast pin. As such, our replica is available with either a modern pin or no pin at all. (Sewing holes are provided as shown).


Produced in association with the Provincie West-Vlaanderen / Institut voor het Archeologisch Patrimonium.


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