Saint Thomas Becket v4

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Pilgrim badge: Saint Thomas Becket

Time period:14th to 15th Century
Origin: England
Materials: Pewter.
Product Dimensions: 4.3cm width x 8.9cm high;

Further details:

Standing figure of Saint Thomas in full mass vestments and holding his archiepiscopal cross; his right hand raised in blessing. From the 13th century, hollow cast figurines of Saint Thomas were a common souvenir of Canterbury. Although these items seemingly went out of production in the mid 14th century, the design was continued as a two dimensional badge. In this impressively sized example, Becket is shown in his full mass vestments and holding his Archbishops cross-staff.

The more observant among you may notice that in this badge Saint Thomas appears to have been given six fingers! In fact the smallest finger is actually his Episcopal ring- don’t blame me; blame the medieval badge maker whose design we copied! This badge was originally produced for Channel 4’s ‘Time Team Live’ at Canterbury, with the stone mould being engraved over the three days of filming.


Original found in London.


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