Early 17th Century Imported Foods

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Peachey, Stuart


The English were largely self sufficient as a nation in the food in the early 17th Century. However although the staples were all produced at home or from the neighbouring seas, there was a wide range of luxury products that were imported. The use of these imports was by no means confined to the upper classes, although the rich undoubtedly used them far more often and copiously.

Thomas Tusser in 1580 in his book for the small farmer says;’ These buie the penie, or looke not for anie. Capers, lemmans, olives, orengis, rise, samphire.’


This volume covers only foodstuffs where the bulk of British consumption was produced overseas and does not include fish or drink. In this brief work an attempt is made to briefly consider the nature and form of each import, its origins, the amount imported and its price, during the late 16th and early 17th century, who used and what the nearet available modern equivalent is.


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This is not a receipt book as such, but does provide the information as to what was available to whom, when and where from, all of which can be invaluable when dealing with the rather vague descriptions often found in receipt books of the period.

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