Early 17th Century Sample Letters and Forms

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Morris, Robert


A number of published books survive from the Elizbethan and Early Stuart periods which contain sample letters and forms to cover a qide cariety of personal and official letters and documents. This work presents a range of these drawn from 2 sources, selecting those that are shorter and more relevant for everyday life.

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Resource: 2 Towers.

Contents: Sample warrants for Justices of the Peace from the Country Justice – Keeping the peace and good behaviour, misdemeanour and Felony, Search for Stolen goods or after a Robbery, Hue and Cry, Bastards, Fugitive Servant, Appointing a constable, Travel warrants, Apprenticeships for Orphans, Food and Drink related licences; Samples Letters from Hobson’s Horse load – Military appointments, Love Letters, Begging letters from Goal, Humourous letters.

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