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Hooked tags, Round animal motif

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Dress accessory: Round hooks, animal motif

Time period:9th to 10th Century
Materials: Brass
Product Dimensions: 1.7cm width x 2.9cm length

Further details:

Based on a silver hooked tag (dress hook) of the Anglo-Saxon period. It is circular with an intact hook and two peripheral pierced lugs for stitching to a garment. The body is engraved with a fantastic quadruped, standing with its head turned backwards.


Manuscript’s show examples of winingas wrapped spirally around the lower leg. Hooked tags of various types are often found just below the knees of skeletons; a pair of hooks were found below the kneecaps of a male skeleton in Birka grave Bj903, and similar bird or mask-like hooks were found at ‘Ryurik Gorodische’, near Novgorod, 9-10th century. Small silver hooked tags were found in a similar position in a 9th century burial at Winchester, England. The location of the hooks as found in the graves make it reasonable to assume that one of their functions was to hold up the winingas.

Original source: UK Detector Finds database Ref. No. 12751. Found Near Winchester, Hampshire. Materials- cast Silver and original size – 16mm dia. x 23mm overall length

Sold as a pair.

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