Saint Blaise

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Pilgrim badge: Saint Blaise

Time period: 15th Century
Origin: Belgium
Materials: Pewter
Product Dimensions: 1.7cm width x 1.9cm height;

Further details:

Standing Bishop with crosier and woolcomb. Saint Blaise was a Bishop in Asia Minor who was martyred in the 4th century. Before being killed he was tortured with an iron comb and subsequently he became the patron saint of wool-combers. Pilgrim badges relating to Saint Blaise usually show him holding his emblem of a comb. A shrine to Saint Blaise stood near to that of Saint Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral and he was very popular with those seeking a cure for throat ailments. The original of this simple little badge was found at the abandoned 15th century village of Walraversijde, near Ostend, Belgium. Produced in association with the Provincie West-Vlaanderen / Institut voor het Archeologisch Patrimonium


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