Saint Michael and the devil

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Pilgrim badge: Saint Michael

Time period: 14th to 15th Century
Origin: England
Materials: Pewter.
Product Dimensions: 2.7cm width x 1.8cm high.

Further details:

The archangel in full armour and brandishing spear stand upon the devil.

The Archangel Michael was regarded in the middle ages as leader of the spiritual forces in the fight against evil. He was also regarded as a protector of high places, hence the many hills and mountains named after him. When Saint Michael was adopted as the patron Saint of France in the 14th century Mont Saint Michel became perhaps the foremost shrine in France, attracting thousands of visitors a year.


This replica badge depicts Saint Michael slaying the Devil, and would most likely have been purchased by a pilgrim as a souvenir of a visit to Mont Saint Michel.


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