The Battle of Shrewsbury: 1403

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Davies, Jonathan.
The battle of Shrewsbury is important for the following reasons:It was the first major engagement between English archersIt ensured the continuation of the Lancastrian dynastyIt was the first major battle of Prince Henry [later Henry V], the second and final would be at Agincourt twelve years laterIt saw the death of Harry Hotspur the most charismatic figure in English chivalry after Edward the Black Prince.
It is a battle that has been largely forgotten. The Hundred Years’ War and The Wars of the Roses have come to dominate the historical imagination and the domestic squabble that culminated in the slaughter at Shrewsbury has been too easily left as a footnote.
This short study begins with Henry’s seizure of the throne and catalogues the problems that he faced and created. It explains the problems faced by the Percies and why the relations between the King of England and the “King’s” of the North broke down. It then provides a description of the battle and the battlefield and explains the consequences of that bloody day. In the appendix there is a brief survey of military activity during this period and a bibliography for those who might wish to delve deeper into this fascinating subject.
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