The Gourmet’s Guide: 1580-1660

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Peachy, Stuart.


Cookery was a serious business in the 17th century and the guild system ensured a lengthy period of experience before any professional cook could set in his own right: ” and therefore none may keep a common Brewhouse, Bakehouse, Cook-Shop, &c. to sell to others except they have been Apprentice thereto by the space of seven yeeres.” [MDCJ82] This book provides the best of period banquet and feast recipes. Three further books, The Tipplers guide 1580-1660, Cooking Equipment and Techniques 1580-1660 [2 volumes] and Civil War and Salt Fish [the food of the common man] complete this core series which offers a basic insight into early 17th century catering.

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Paperback: 60 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line
ISBN-13: 9781858040530
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A solid introduction to 17th English dishes and receipts with transcriptions from original sources (with references, cf abbreviations) and a modern translation of the receipt below with notes throughout on ingredients, utensils and styles.

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