The Tipplers guide to the mid 17th Century

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Peachy, Stuart.


This book covers alcoholic drinks and drinking but does not try to cover brews that were solely or primarily medicinal. A great deal of alchohol was used in cooking and in some cases there is a rather grey area between a runny alcoholic food and a drink. Possets and Syllabubs have been included in this book although food cooked with alcohol has not. Parts of the section on wine should however be useful to those trying to find a close approximation to specific wines found in period recipes. This book is intended as a guide to re-enactors and home brewers who wish to brew and imbibe late 16th to mid 17th century alcoholic beverages in the correct manner.

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Paperback: 84 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line
ISBN-13: 9781858040073
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An informative introduction to alcoholic drink and drinking in the early 17th Century. Includes section on drinking establishments, laws and prices; British drinks; Wines of grapes and other fruit and composite drinks such as buttered beer. Includes transcriptions of extant receipts with references (abbreviations) accompanied by modern interpretations, and a glossary of terms.

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