The Medieval and Renaissance Spice Trade 1100-1560

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Davies, Jonathan


Being the Pepperer’s companion, a guide for the medieval and renaissance spice merchant and user. This short pamphlet is designed to be of use to anyone who seeks a little more information on what is a vast subject. It tries to answer some of the more obvious questions about the spice trade and individual spices.

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Softcover: 28 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line Illustrations
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As the blurb states, this booklet is a good introduction to spices and the spice trade used in this period. It includes a listing of the more commonly available spices, brief summary of some of the uses and history both culinary and medicinal, brief introduction to the guild, and examples of prices, weights and measure conversions and wages. It does not list a detailed bibliography but does reference some of the main sources within the text.

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