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Secular pewter badge: Yale livery badge

Time period: 15th to 16th Century
Origin: England
Materials: Pewter
Product Dimensions: 5.0 cm width x 8.0 cm height.

Further details:

The Mythical Yale was first described by Pliny the Elder. An antelope type of beast, its main attributes were large tusks and the ability to swivel its horns independently.

The Yale was adopted in the 15th century by members of the Beaufort family; and in the form depicted in this badge (gorged and fettered), by John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset (1404-1444). In 1525 the badge was granted to Henry Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of King Henry VIII. Pewter badges such as this would have been worn by humble followers of these great households.

The original of this badge was found in London.

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