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The Old and the New

First, the new. This month will see the addition of more titles from amongst a host, Stuart Press and Bootleg Press. These booklets are very well researched and excellent starting points for anyone wishing to explore a new area. Included within the ranges are facsimiles of some of the more esoteric texts such as Needleworkes, and a number of transcriptions including “A Delightful daily exercise for Ladies and Gentlewomen”.

While not coffee table books, we find they quickly become part of the travelling kit and a fieldwork reference source.

ShireBooks, now a part of Osprey, has reprinted titles that had been removed previously due to publishing constraints. There are some absolute gems and as always, the standard of research is solid and the presentation excellent.

To the Old; As they say, all good things must come to an end but it is with great sadness that we relay the decision by the Mary Rose Trust to not reprint Before the Mastin the foreseeable future. There had been a possibility that this amazing book might be re-printed as a soft cover however, it is not to be. New titles in the series will be forthcoming shortly although as far as is known, they will not be covering the domestic paraphernalia of everyday life on board ship.

This month will see the introduction of our designation system. We are starting with the new titles and will gradually work our way through the back catalogue. Our aim is provide the reader with more information regarding the type of content; It is most definitely not meant as a reflection or a commentary on the quality of the content.

Last but not least, we will also be introducing a new category Re-enactor article care. This will contain the manufacturers instruction protocols and care instructions for many of the various re-enactor items sold on this site. Please be assured that full instructions will always be included with every item sold; this is merely a spare copy.

As ever we bid you good reading!


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