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Free Online Resources for Medieval Cooking

While a physical copy of a book is best, sometimes it’s jsut impossible to get your hands on that rare translation.

So here’s a collection of medieval cookbooks online.

Single Books / Translations


Forme of Curye

Forme of Curye – Ebook THE 14th century English cookbook.

Menagier de Paris

English translation of Menagier de Paris

I love Menagier de Paris. It’s a story written by an older man for his new young bride. It not only has several very good (and rather plain compared to the fancy dishes often seen) but also talks about basic household stuff – how to remove stains, how to handle the servants, how to tell which fruit is ripe.


Collections of Medieval Cookbooks

Medieval Cookery

Medieval Cookery
It’s got several translations of medieval cookbooks with Andalusia, French, Netherlands, Romania, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, England, Italy, Portugal and Spanish texts available (NB: Not everything is translated into English, mostly it’s translated into the modern language)

They also have a statistic page where you can see how many times a food group/item appears in a text to see how common it actually was as an ingredient (for instance with Forme of Currye, fish/seafood is the most common meat at 22% of the 286 receipes while duck is in only 2 or less than 1%), onions are in 15%, salt is in 47% and butter is in just 2%.

Open Hearth Cooking

Open hearth Cooking

3000 vintage Cookbooks


Redactions of Receipes

Roxy’s 20 person lunch – 14th Century
I wrote this document, it’s the receipes I normally use to feed about 20 people for a show event.

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Back from Rowany Festival AS50, 2016

It was an exciting festival and we’re glad to be home!

This year we tried out a new format and just did a market day at Rowany Festival. It was very busy, some good feedback about things to change for next year but overall a good success!

In May we’ll be going to Gumeracha Medieval Fair (May 8 and 9) so look forward to seeing some people from Adelaide there.

Gumeracha Medieval Fair

(Photo of Medieval Archery Society camp at Rowany Festival AS50 2016 by Andrew Bennett)

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Market Day! March 12th at Precint 75

Mainly Medieval will once again be at the Precinct 75 Markets on March 12th.

75 Mary St, St Peters.
Time: March 12th. The markets are from 10-3 but we’ll be aiming to be set up by 9:30.
How to get there:
A short walk from Sydenham station or Parking is available via Edith St entrance

The precinct also has delicious coffee, being home to Sample Coffees, so if you’re in the area you should come and grab a coffee and say hi!

We’ll mostly be selling the goods of our artisan The Medieval Stillroom (cosmetics and bath and beauty products such as the beautiful Luxury Balm shown in the featured picture) but it’s our warehouse so all books and re-enactor goods currently in stock will also be there.

Mainly Medieval will only be attending Rowany Festival as a Market Stall this year, not as a permanent merchant so if you want us to bring anything to festival order it now and select the Event Pickup option in the shipping tab.

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Market Day – 13th February 2016

Hi All,

Mainly Medieval will be selling pewter ware, pamphlets and medieval beauty and cosmetics products at 75 Mary St, 13 February 2016. Come along and check us out!

Market Day

Where: Precinct 75 Mary St, St Peters NSW 2044 (750 metres from Sydneham station, parking available but can get crowded)

When: Saturday 13th February from 10am – 4pm