Beds and Bedding 1580 – 1660

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Morris. Robert.


Part of the “Living History Reference Books Series”. “this text endeavours to identify the nature of the beds and bedding used by the common people. The principle question to be resolved is “What items of bedding were used and what ws the nature of these items?”. … This book was initially based on research into over 600 probate inventories from much of southern England and the midlands. Large numbers came from Devon, Banbury and the Bristol area, other smaller collections came from Essex, Norfolk, the Dudley and Worcester areas and Leicestershire. There is some indication of regional variation although the samples are too small to be sure and it is possible that there were variations between the practice in southern England and in the north. Despite this the regional variations seem less important than the general similarity in bedding systems and in the absence of further research this work can give some indication of national bedding habits.”

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