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CA 0153: Painted flags of the late middle ages

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Miller, Shannon


It is often challenging to draw historical references regarding the how, when and why flags were painted since each directive or commission had its own reasons. To gain better perspective, it becomes key to define the painter. Who is the flag maker? The flag painter could be referenced by a number of titles, represented by an array of organisations, or inconsistently referenced by commission (and even then it is sometimes unclear whether or not the person paid for the ensign was the maker or only the procurer). In a few cases, famous artists have also been commissioned to paint vexilla. The intent of this is to provide the reader with a core body of knowledge from which can be found starting points and context.


Contents: Preface; Introduction; Flag Makers; Flag production; Flag display, Storage and Maintenance; A medieval silk flag reproduced; Appendix A Flags and their Painters – A chronology; Appendix B Extant Flags; Appendix C Some primary sources for Painting techniques and Materials; Appendix D; Sone Primary sources regarding Flag Regulation; Appendix E Materials and Equipment list for modified silk flag making technique; Bibliography; Notes.


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Softcover:94 pages
Illustrations: B&W
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