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Viking, 2 players, strategy.

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Game #2; Hnefatafl.

Time period: Viking
Players: Two.
Materials: Leather, wooden stained pieces
Product Dimensions:Board Dimensions; 20.5 cm width x 20.5 cm length.
Age range: not suitable for young children.

Further details:

This Viking game of strategy represents the final stages of a battle where a king, defended by a small number of men, is being attacked on 4 sides by an army twice the size. To win, the King has to escape to one of the corners. The attacking army wins by capturing the king.

The actual game consists of a game board of soft leather with inscribed lines, 8 black wooden pieces, 16 white wooden pieces, one red wooden piece and a Rules sheet. These are rolled inside a robust cardboard tube with end caps for easy transport.

Not suitable for young children.

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