Morris, Three Mens

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Roman to 18th Century, 2 players, strategy

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Game #4; Three Mens Morris.

Time period: Roman, Medieval, Tudor, 17th and 18th Century.
Players: Two.
Materials: Leather, Fired clay pieces.
Board Dimensions; 7.5cm width x 7.5cm length.
Age range: 7 years and over.

Further details:

Three Men’s Morris and Nine Holes were very popular in the Roman period and from the Middle Ages, where boards of both are found carved into the cloister benches of many Cathedrals, to the 17th and 18th Century. Both are simple to play but highly strategic.

The actual game consists of a game board of soft leather with inscribed lines, 6 fired clay pieces and a Rules sheet. These are rolled inside a robust cardboard tube with end caps for easy transport.

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