Medieval Feast Menus: 1380-1450.

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Morris, Robert.


Recorded menus from this period tend to be those of the very great and good and for the most solemn and formal occasions: coronations and weddings of Kings and Dukes and enthronements or burials of the main Bishops. As such, we must be careful not to assume that other feasts followed such a pattern. The standard feast comprised of three courses each composed of a number of dishes. In some cases a separate menu is given for the less illustrious guests. One noticeable feature is that a number of dishes show up in a number of feasts. Planned interruptions could also occur during a feast. At the coronation of Henry IV the king’s champion rode, fully armed on a barded horse with crimson housings into the hall in the middle of the meal and challenged anyone who disputed the Kings right to rule

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An interesting collection of extant feast menus spanning the mid 14th Century to the mid 15th Century in England including the feast menu at the funeral of Nicholas Bubwith, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and the second wedding feast Henry IV. Brief introduction to menu construction followed by transcriptions of the original menus, optional dishes, inferior persons menu and details of subtleties with a modern translation alongside the transcription.

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