Siege Machines

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King Edward’s School Living History Group


A brief guide to the building and operation of scale model medieval siege machines. Medieval siege machines have always had a fascination for those with an interest in the middle ages. They are to be seen in innumerable illustrations, films and magazines, often wildly romanticised and unworkable. They have captured the imaginations ofmany, but their real ingenuity and achievements are only now being realised. In a school, siege machines have always been a popular topic for study, and I have been making small machines for about eight years. In the lst four years a Living History Group has been very active at the school and, as one of its projects, we decided to build large scale models of the principal siege machines of the Middle Ages, for our own amusement and public display. Since their first appearance they have been firm favourites with ourselves and our varied audiences. I hope the information and ideas in this pamphlet will be of interest and an encouragement to others to experiment further.

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