Guns and Gunpowder 1267-1603

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Davies, Jonathan


The development and employment of early small arms in Britain and Europe. This short study seeks to summarise the history of the development of gunpowder and firearms form the first incontrovertible evidence for the appearance of gunpowser in England and Wales until the end of the reign of Elizabeth, by which time the handgun had officially superseded the bow. I shall try to explain how and why firearms developed, and the way in which they were integrated into warfare supplementing and finally displacing other missile weapons. This process took at least two hundred years in Continental Europe and almost three hundred in England and Wales; it is this tardiness that requires explanation. I will be making a necessary but false distinction between hand-held firearms and artillery, one that was certainly not made in the earlier period where all gunpowder weapons were grouped together. I will therefore be limiting this study to weapons that might be described as handguns.

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