The Yeoman’s Food, 1580-1660

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Peachey, Stuart


It is hard to discover the food consumed by English Yeoman in the early 17th century. Many recipes do exist for this period but they were probably gernerally published for the gentry and the urban elite. There are a variety of possible sources of evidence but they have to be treated with caution.

The Yeoman had two main sources for his food; Firstly it could come from his own farm, secondly he could buy it from other British producers or thirdly from importers. Although it could be assumed that much of his food came from his own farm it is normally very difficult to prove and particularly to quantify what and how much actually came from this source. Many probates give a good indication of the crops and livestock kept by Yeoman but to extrapolate from these in order to deduce what the Yeoman placed on his table is difficult to substantiate.

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While this is not a recipe book, it is a presentation and examination of four Yeoman (or equivalent) probate inventories and diaries, specifically those sections which indicate potential methods of cooking, long life bulk items, crops and livestock. Includes bibliographic abbreviation listing at the end.

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