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Charcoal Burning in the 17th Century

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Stratford, Dr Malcolm.


Part of the “Living History Reference Series”. “The 17th century probably represents the pinnacle of industrial achievement with charcoal. Up to this time charcoal-based industrial output was increasing but during the 16th and 17ths centuries, it became increasingly apparent that the demand for charcoal had outstripped supply. Woods were being devastated and regrowth of coppice wood was too slow to meet demand. Shortages, and the consequent rise in prices, led to a search for alternatives. Production of coal increase;d and in the 18th century coke, a derivative of coal, eventually replaced charcoal in all its applications. This was a slow transition; there was no sudden coal-fired Industrial Revolution (Andrews, 1991), coal made it’s way most hesitantly, and by necessity, onto the European stage. … ”

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Softcover: 36 pages.
Language: English
Illustrations: B/W
ISBN-13: 1858040434
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