Clothes of the Common Woman 1480-1580

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Morris, Robert.


Part of the “Tudor Living History Reference Books Series”. “This series on common people’s clothing from 1480 – 1580 follows a previous series covering 1580 – 1660. The evidence for women’s garments is not evenly distributed through the period. There are large numbers of wills and inventories from the 1570s but fewer for common people before then. Likewise there is a mass of male archaeological evidence from the Mary Rose from 1545 but little from the 1570s. The period also covers the first printed illustrations in England. … for the purposes of tabulating the colours and fabrics used it was felt best to consider the 1570s separately to avoid the data from this decade swamping the earlier information. Next the changes from between 1550 and 1570 will be inspected. The central period of the 1540s will also be considered in detail. Finally the earlier less well recorded periods from 1500 to 1540 and 1480 to 1500 will be considered. Finally the clothing will be considered garment by garment. This volume considers who wore what garments in what fabrics and colours. The patterns and construction of these garments will be covered in a second volume. The fabrics will be considered in detail in another volume as will headwear, footwear and trimmings, and the dyeing methods. Two more volumes will cover men’s clothing.”

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