Early 17th Century Prices and Wages

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Hugget, Robert, Jane Hugget and Stuart Peachey.


Part of the “Living History Reference Books Series”. “This is a brief list of some prices of mainly everyday items of income and expenditure, intended principally for use by living historians of the early and mid 17th Century. Although the vast majority are based on specific items in surviving documents these offer only a general guide to prices which fluctuated substantially. As with most prices the forces of supply and demand determined the price in the market place and this could alter with some goods overnight. The section on fish for example includes a range of prices for the same type, illustrating that as a product is not standardised and as supply and demand alter so will the price of the fish.”

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Softcover: 32 pages.
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Contents; Introduction; Taxes; Incomes; Prices (for areas such as eductaion, smoking, travel, furniture and tools to name a few); Abbreviations; Glossary.

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