Medieval Siege Weapons

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King Edward’s School Living History School


A brief guide to the history of missile weapons in the West. This short pamphlet is designed to be an introduction to the subject of medieval siege weapons. We have carefully avoided dealing with the large variety of other machines used in sieges concentrating solely on missile weapons. There is much discussion concerning the names, performance and even existence of some of these weapons, so we have tried to present as objective a discussion and assessment of them as possible. We are sure that future research and recreations will provide much more hard information on the subject.

Our interest is not only academic but also practical, as we have made a a large numbers of scal model machines. These are discussed, together with notes on their design and manufacture in a companion pamphlet.

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Softcover: 29 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line Illustrations
ISBN-13: 9781858042022
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The same group has also printed ‘Siege Machines – A brief guide to the building and operation of scale model medeval siege machines’. It’s well worth a look.

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