The Armada Cook book

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Peachey, Stuart


This book has been designed for use by individuals and groups who wish to re-create Elizabethan food. The recipes selected require only easily obtainable ingredients and are acceptable to the modern palate whilst providing a taste of the past.

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Softcover: 30 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line Illustrations
ISBN-10: 0946525382
Product Dimensions: 21.0 x 14.5 x 0.3 cm

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This booklet is an early publication by Stuart Peachy. It is a brief introduction to a selection of foodstuffs and recipes from three resources; The English Huswife by Gervase Markham [1613], Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry by Thomas Tusser [1580], and Civil War & Saltfish: the food of Soldiers and Civilians in the mid C17th [1988]. Of particular interest is the comparison and examples of recipes suitable at this time period for the poor, middle class, rich and the English and Spanish Sailors. Original transcriptions of each recipe is provided with a modern redaction, with an indication as to the original source.

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