The Tudor Art of War, 1485 -1603

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Davies, Johnathon


This short piece focuses on some of the key features of the Tudor army, especially its recruitment, equipment and organisation. In particular, it addresses itself to the question; how far was there a Tudor Military Revolution? It hopes to shed light on some of the issues that were debated by contemporaries as well as by historians such as the bow versus gun debate, the role of cavalry, the typology of artillery. This cannot hope to be a comprehensive study but its intention is to provoke further interest amongst its readership,

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Softcover: 60 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line Illustrations
ISBN-13: 1858041716
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Contents: Introduction; England and Europe 1485-1603; Recruitment; Infantry; Cavalry; The artillery revolution; Command and organisation; Fortifications; Logistics; The Tudor Army 1513-1588; Conclusion; Military chronology; Select Bibliography; Articles and Papers.

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