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Review – Traitement Royal Le:Balm and Wax:On

Medieval Fightclub have a range of metal and leather care products, from Traitement Royal, which would be of use to all kinds of re-enactors. I tried out the Le:Balm?Forever Leather Wax and Wax:On polishing compound. The products were supplied by Medieval Fightclub, but they have not otherwise compensated us for this review.

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Oh No! I Burnt The Soup!

It’s a terrible feeling?when you realise that you looked away from your delicious pottage for just a second and now it’s burnt. It’s too late to start another pot, and people are depending on this for their meal. We’ve compiled the list of medieval sources about removing the burnt taste from the pottage here.

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Fresh Again – Product Review

Product Review by Dr Loreena Johnson


Feeling the heat? Getting ready to store the re-enactment clothes

until Autumn rolls around once more? Wondering how on earth

you can wash away the accumulated fragrance from a dozen or

more events out of your woollens, silks and linens?


With a little research and testing, modern detergents and

whiteners are actually pretty good at removing dirt, food and drink

stains, particularly for the more robust textiles. However, for the

more fragile, unwashable or highly decorated gear, washing is not

always easy or desirable.


At the request of a customer we brought in Fresh Again Uniform

and Costume Deodorant spray ? and now we?re addicted. This

stuff neutralizes perspiration ? which means it does NOT remove

stains. It does however, kill and breakdown the bacteria left on

clothes after wearing. Seriously ? I?ve checked…


The spray works on natural and synthetic fibres, foam padding,

fabrics, stitching, foams, and leather. In the everyday world we sell

it to team mascots and equestrians for the inside of their helmets

and gloves. In the re-enactor community the fans are those with

the highly decorated fabrics, brocades, velvets and silks, fighter?s

armour padding and gambisons etc.


So far not yet found a fabric that it stains (including voiles, silks,

velvets, leather etc). It does have a very odd smell that evaporates

almost immediately. For the best results we found that spraying

areas like the underarms before wearing a garment for the first

time, and then spray when your nose tells you. Otherwise follow

the instructions and let it take the stress out of wearing your finest.