The Dairy

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Stuart, Rob.
Part of the “English Agriculture 1580 – 1660 1st Series”. It was the man’s role to provide the milking animal. Dairying however was women’s work from milking the beast and carrying the milk home to processing it into a variety of products and its subsequent storage or sale. Almost all farms and many rural artisans and labourers households owned at last one cow. For most of the year these animals had to be milked at least twice a day and without refrigeration processing the milk had to start to within a matter of hours. The demands of dairying formed a constraint within which women had to organise their lives and dairy products known as white meats form a staple of life at a period when it was illegal to eat red meat on 3 days of the week [Wednesday, Friday and Saturday].
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Softcover: 28 pages.
Language: English
Illustrations: B/W
ISBN-13: 1858041635
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