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Roman onwards. 2 player strategy game.

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Game; Seega

Time period: Roman to present
Players: 2 (Two)
Materials: Leather, 12 timber pieces
Product Dimensions: 18.0 cm width x 18.0 cm length.
Age Range: Not suitable for young children

Further details:

The origins of the game of Seega are unknown though it probably has its roots in the Roman game of Latrunculi (or Ludus latrunculorum) and is possibly of early medieval date in the Arab world, particularly Egypt. It also has similarities to the medieval game of Alquerque.

Boards with 5 x 5 small circular pits and larger 7 x 7 boards have been found carved into rocks, though these are very difficult to date. However, boards of 5 x 5 squares are known from Roman contexts and may represent the origins of this game.

Game play; Players first agree whether capture is to be custodial or by short leap. Each player places men on the board two at a time in any position apart from the centre. Players then move men around the board with the aim of capturing all their opponent’s men.

All games come with historic notes and full rules, leather board, wooden counters encased in a cardboard tube.


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